Speaking of planes . . .


Panasonic Avionics is competing with its Nanoe air filtration system, a module which forms part of Panasonic’s Wellness initiative, and which can be integrated into the seat structure of a first or business class seat. The module suppresses airborne and surface viruses, bacteria, mold, pollutants and allergens within its local environment to eliminate odors and improve air quality for the passenger.



Via Architectural Digest and Wired: From the upcoming Hollywood movie Passengers, some gorgeous futuristic set designs with beautiful lighting concepts. . .



Boeing's line of private jets is reserved for a special kind of wealthy. Known as Boeing Business Jets, or BBJs for short, they're the private jet equivalent of airliners.
With sticker prices for the cheapest just shy of $100 million, even the average millionaire likely couldn't afford to have one in their stable.




Or are we totally wrong
and Boeing planes are a thing of the past?