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10 Minute Therapy . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Homesick


A kind of homesickness for somewhere you'd never been. . . .



This is not segmentation, but the fuller dimensions of being; the exploration and cultivation of psychological assets. What we now think of as ego consciousness is broadened at its base, gaining, added stability, given information denied to it before. We have kept the ego in an ignorance that alone causes it stress: Its own base was not apparent to it, and when it did briefly appear, the ego's beliefs made it fear for its identity.


The self doesn't end where we think it does, any more than the world itself ends at the horizon. We've accepted one self and thought that we'd defined selfhood. Instead, it's as if we'd explored an island and called it the world. There are other aspects to the self that we know, whose origins and activities have never been touched upon. Our job is to understand and recognize them; to use their characteristics and abilities in an earth-tuned way; to enrich earth experience by bringing to it those other dimensions of experience; to fulfill our creaturehood.



Book excerpts from Psychic Politics by Jane Roberts