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    What Steve said . . .

    How does that fit into a cohesive larger vision?
    You've got to start with the customer experience and work backwards to the technology.
    You can't start with the technology and decide where you are going to sell it.

    Coming up with a strategy and vision for Apple (1997)

    It started with . . .
    What incredible benefits can we give to the customer?
    Where can we take the customer?

    I think that's the right path to take . . . What we need to do . . . Some mistakes will be made along the way. We'll find the mistakes and we'll fix them

    What we need to do is support the team.


  • Planet Mul Video


    Planet Mul

    The Pearls are a peaceful, celestial beings from the planet Mul who live a life of holistic harmony with the universal elements. These elegant fishermen can emit an energy pulse through their bodies that travels through time and space. A key element of the screen story's momentum is the mystery of this species' extinction.

  • Five Keys

    A group of aliens called the Mondoshawan arrive on Earth in 1914 to extract the only weapon capable of defeating the Great Evil, a collection of four stones representing the Classical Elements and the eponymous Fifth Element that conjugates the other four into organic life. After taking the weapons, the Mondoshawans present a key to a priest and tell him to pass the information provoking their mission through future generations in preparation for the Evil's arrival.

  • The Answer Room

    The Answer Room is your creation and can be anywhere you choose; feel a strong intent to go there, and then see yourself standing before the door. Take special note of the quality and color of the door, as well as the shape of the doorknob, and once they are clearly etched in your memory, open the door.


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