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10 Minute Therapy . . . Supernatrual Radio


The probable realities connected with your own system are like the suburbs, say surrounding a main city. If for simplicity's sake you think of other realities as different cities, then after you leave your own you would pass through the suburbs, then into the country, then after a time into other suburbs until you reached another metropolis.

Here each metropolis would represent a conglomeration of consciousnesses operating within an overall general frequency of clearest focus, a highpoint of psychic communication and exqiuisite focus in the given kind of reality. Unless you are tuned in to those particular frequencies, however you could not pickup that reality. You might instead perceive the equivalent of jumbled sound or meaningless static or jigsaw images. You might simply realize that some kind of activity was there, but without being able to pinpoint it.

Now all consciousness, including your own, is highly mobile. While you focus your attention primarily in your own world, certain portions of your consciousness are always straying. When you are sleeping, then, your consciousness often ventures into other realitles, usually in a wandering fashion without tuning itself into any precise frequencies.

Beneath many seemingly chaotic dreams there are often valid experiences in which your consciousness “lights” in another reality without being attuned to it with the necessary precision that would allow for clear perception. The information cannot be sifted or used effectively and is translated into dream images, as your consciousness returns toward your own home station. Therefore, it has been difficult to achieve any kind of clear picture of such other realities.

Certain particular focuses then bring in different worlds, but unless your consciousness is tuned in with exquisite precision you will not be able to perceive clearly. You will instead pickup at best the ghost images, probabilities, and private data that are not officially recognized as part of the main reality's official structure of events.

Supernatural Radio Exercise

The supernatural radio that is your entire psyche contains many stations, however, these are all playing at the same time. It would be highly confusing in this analogy to experience or hear all of these at once, however, so different portions of the psyche tune in to different stations, concentrate upon them, and tune out the others for immediate practical purposes because these stations all operate within the same psyche or supernatural radio, the overall quality of the programs will have much to do with the nature of the psyche itself.

Before trying this exercise, make an honest attempt to leave your conventional ideas behind you.
Close your eyes.
Now, mentally take a step out of your own worldview and tune into a different station.



For the sake of imagery you can imagine your normal consciousness as your connection with this home planet -- the familiar station that you tune into everyday. When you project your consciousness away from it, then you will encounter various kinds of atmospheric conditions.

Once you understand what these are, and what effects can be expected, such journeys can be undertaken consciously with the conscious mind that you know acting as the astronaut, for example, and the rest of your consciousness acting as the vehicle.

Such journeys lead to quite valid realities, but as an astronaut must know the best landing conditions, so you must learn how to come in, at the most auspicious time and under the best conditions.

Such journeys take you through the nature of the psyche itself; as well as to those other realities that exist as the result of the psyche's concentration within particular frequencies.

Projecting your consciousness, therefore, provides at the same time an inner probing of consciousness itself, as well as experience of its manifestations. There are then inner lands of the mind, and other worlds quite as legitimate as your own. They are intimately connected, however with mental states which are then materialized, and so your own mental processes are highly involved.