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10 Minute Therapy . . . Tuning Your Brain Waves



It is essential that we clarify and define our terms, if we are to succeed in making clear to you just how thought can be evoked, stimulated, and manipulated by various mechanisms within as well as outside of you. The fundamental process of mental exchange - the transmitting and receiving of thought waves - forms the basis upon which you can develop an understanding. That is why being aware of these aspects of human consciousness has never been more important to you than now . . .


There is simply an infinite range of vibration to which every aspect, from the immensity of a galaxy to the inconceivably minute subatomic particle, holds resonance. This electromagnetic energy moves in waves exhibiting both electric and magnetic properties, crests and troughs of varying breadth, velocity, and pitch, and these aspects are measurable from a limited 3D spectrum.


The wavelength describes the distance between waves. Frequency indicates the number of waves occurring in a sixty-second time frame and can be described as the cycle, or pulse, of the wave pattern. . .


The human brain operates within a specific range of electromagnetic frequencies, and these would be described as thought waves or brain waves . . . In keeping with the concept of the simple measuring of brain wave activity, we wish to reiterate that telepathy is a gift you all enjoy at some level. There is nothing supernatural about thought traversing the space between you. You simply catch the wave and ride it in. Much like tuning of a radio dial to obtain a clear channel, you reach each other by finding the "transmitting station" of the other and tuning in to that station's frequency. Some are more adept than others at tuning; some train and work at developing this ability, but all conscious beings have the capacity to receive and send thought waves through the ethers.


You do it all the time, communicating on many levels.


It is important that you understand how the brain transmits and receives information, so that you can comprehend how you contribute to the whole with your thoughts, affecting interpersonal and global vibrations, and how others contribute to yours. Similarly it is becoming extremely important to recognize how vast numbers of people can be entrained and manipulated at subliminal levels by those who surf your thought waves and reach resonance with you . . .


Factors of influence over the human mind are constantly being used for the the dark and light intention. Consider how, when you join together in deep meditation, guided by one whose light, loving presence amongst you serves to set the alpha or theta wave frequency. The entire group can be entrained to that state of mind by reaching resonance with that vibration. Simplified, it would be as if the guide were acting as sort of a mental metronome, establishing the frequency to which the other becomes attuned.


It is not difficult to understand how joining in such pleasant unions leaves you feeling connected and harmonious with the members of the group, for you reach each other at the same frequency and similar neurochemical responses occur within all of you.


If the group's intention is to radiate outwards the light of love within you, all will feel the wonder of that evocation at the same frequency. You experience the waves of light/love amplified between you and that is an excellent aspect of entrainment.


You can see why it is so absolutely important that each of you learn to stay centered, calm, and peaceful in the wake of changes taking place around you.


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