P B R . . . . . . . . . . . . Before you begin this exercise



10 Minute Therapy . . . Changing Your Worldview


Before trying this exercise, make an honest attempt to leave your conventional ideas behind you.
Close your eyes.
Now, mentally take a step out of your own worldview.


Imagine a photograph of yourself.
In your mind's eye see the photograph of yourself. Imagine that it sits on a table or desk.
Working mentally with your particular snapshot, note the other items in the picture.
Look at the image in your mind as it exists in the snapshot. See it and be aware only of those other objects that surround it.


It is a world bounded by the four edges of the picture.
Try to place your consciousness into that image of yourself.
Your worldview is now limited to the photograph itself.


Now in your mind see that image of yourself walking out of the snapshot, onto the desk or table. The environment of the physical room will seem gigantic to that small image of yourself. The scale and proportion alone will be far different.


Imagine that miniature image navigating in the physical room and then going outside into quite an expanded worldview.


Take a moment to enjoy your new expanded worldview outside of your old image boundaries.



In dream travel it is quite possible to journey to other civilizations. Those civilizations of your past or of your future, or even to worlds whose reality exists in other probable systems.


There is even a kind of crossbreeding, because you affect any system of reality with which you have experience. There are no closed realities, only apparent boundaries that seem to separate them. The more parochial your own worldview, the less you will recall of your dreams or your activities in those realities. Do not distort your worldview by limiting your dream snapshots.