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10 Minute Therapy . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Homesick


A kind of homesickness for somewhere you'd never been. . . .


I sensed but did not clearly see other people in the library -- colleagues of ours -- waiting in other rooms through which I would have to travel.
That is, I had to go THERE.

There was something different about these personalities, about the quality of their existence. The term came to me at once, seeming completely apt and inevitable: heroic personalities. What I am trying to describe now in usual terms, I knew all at once; and something escapes when the experience is described in a linear fashion.


I knew I had been yearning toward the heroic dimension; that the library was a construct to help me in that search; and that these heroic personages existed in time and out of it.


I seem to be experiencing a dimension of being outside of time. The feeling of it is a lot different than just thinking that such a dimension might exist -- that's for sure. I have one foot there and one foot here right now. This is a place where our complete selves dwell, though complete isn't the right word -- our whole selves -- where I/they exist no matter what their parts are doing in time. It's a dimension where these super personalities or heroic personages exist and help out their selves who exist in this world.


Even if you are in time yourself, like me, you can go there under certain conditions, at least briefly. In fact, you can get yourself in a position where you almost have to go there to pursue your purposes and find answers that are not available where you usually are. These heroic personages are not ghosts. It's a completely different kind of psychological existence; another version of being.


You can't get there till you're ready and ready means not frightened, and willing -- because you see that the normal world alone doesn't provide the nourishment you want; or rather, you have to go further to learn what you want to know. You've gone as far as you can under the usual conditions.


So your desire opens up this other heroic dimension. The heroic personages are like true adults and we in comparison are like students or younger colleagues. I sense others like us there too. It is, or will be, like coming home to a psychic family.


But since these are interwoven psychological structures, they are open-ended. You can move from one self or aspect to another without destroying the validity of private identity one whit; bringing more of your "selves" into conscious activation, adding to their experience and to your own.