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10 Minute Therapy

Discovering your own Answers


There are many ways, but only one real way.
And the way is to begin the journey into the nature of your own consciousness for the answers are within you and not out from you.
And no one can tell you the answers.
Each individual will find his own answer.


You must try to forget for a period of time each day the self that you think of as yourself. Forget the adult pretensions, forget the adult bignesses.
You must remember the childhood spontaneity.


You must dissociate yourself from the person that you know.
Close your eyes.
Imagine anything that you like that is pleasant to you. Then imagine yourself stepping apart from yourself in whatever way you choose. And then allow yourself to step into another dimension. All you need is to take only one step at a time. Take that step and you will find your answers.


You have only to begin. There is an adventure and it is within you. The answers are there and they are within you. Take the step into the dimension of yourself and you can find your answers.
Use your inner senses . . .