10 Minute Therapy . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Inner Senses


Before You Meditate . . . . P B R


The inner senses can be broken down into three primary aspects that work seamlessly in concert, just like our physical senses do:
1. empathically
2. conceptually
3. time-based

These are not hard and fast designations, but they serve as a good place to begin explorations.


1. The empathic senses are NOT empathy or compassion, but involve a literal mergence with any object, creature, or person. In the case of a person, it means feeling their emotions, bodily sensations, and feeling tone of personality.


2. The conceptual senses are also a type of mergence, but rather than merging with a thing where you experience the qualities of thingness, you get inside of a concept pattern or multidimensional blueprint of an idea. A concept pattern is a potential for action that isn't limited by the boundaries of a thing.


3. The time-based senses involve experiences with forward, backward, shortened, stretched, and even sideways time sequences. Timewalking
An example would be experiencing the richness of a long life in a single day. They also serve as the gateway to other time frameworks and universes.


The Nine Inner Senses . . . .


1. inner vibrational touch (empathic) - used to merge with any object or thing in your sensory field, a kind of expanded super-touch-sensing. Leads to an expansion of experience, greater understanding, and compassion. Empathy is a superficial outer materialization of this inner sense.

2. psychological time (time-based) - used as a mental gateway, in alpha state, to the inner world, inner self, and other selves. All communications coming through the inner senses exist in psychological time. It's used in the dream state and is the starting point to learn more about the other inner senses.

3. perception of past, present, and future (time-based) - used to simultaneously perceive temporal aspects of any concept pattern or inner blueprint. Allows us to see through the apparent barrier of time, seeing things as they really are. Also known as timewalking. This is used in precognitive experiences and by the inner ego and entities to directly experience concept patterns, freeing them from the limits of cause and effect.

4. the conceptual sense (conceptual) - used for comprehending the deeper essential nature of any concept or idea. It involves experiencing a concept completely, to the extent of being a concept completely. We truly understand or appreciate any other thing when we can become that thing - when we know directly --- direct knowing. Otherwise we only receive an approximation translated through our the prejudiced perception of our physical senses.

5. cognition of knowledgeable essence (empathic) - a deeper, more abstract form of inner vibrational touch. It does not involve the cognition of a concept. If, for example, we wanted to understand a relative or friend, this inner sense would enable us to literally enter into our friend and share and perceive their essential feelings.
These senses do not function until they can be handled correctly. This sense in no way involves invasion. It does not imply that one entity can control another. It merely involves direct, instantaneous cognition of the essence of living tissue.

6. innate working knowledge of the basic vitality of the universe (conceptual) - similar to instinct, only much deeper; it's the spontaneous inner knowing of how things work, the innate knowledge that makes manipulation of energy from one form to another possible. It is used constantly by the inner ego to create and maintain time frameworks-camouflage. It directs our physical growth, forms the cells of our physical bodies, and is the source of all revelatory knowledge, inspiration, and inventions.

7. expansion or contraction of the tissue capsule (empathic) - used to manipulate our energy field boundary - the tissue capsule - allowing us to change scale and merge with micro to macro aspects of self and the universe. It is used in projections of consciousness and lucid dreaming.
Also known as tractobiology

8. disentanglement from camouflage (conceptual) - used to temporarily break up camouflage patterns, for example, suspending the laws of physics via levitation, teleportation, or shapeshifting.

9. diffusion by the energy personality essence (time-based) - used by the soul or entity to initiate the birth of one of its personalities in physical life.

Note: These nine inner senses are in the order that Seth originally presented them in The Early Sessions: Book 1 of the Seth Material.