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10 Minute Therapy . . . A Walking Meditation



Next time you venture outside for a little unwind time, why don't you try a walking meditation?


This is where you use the experience of walking as a catalyst to combine movement with inner-calmness. It's all about focusing on the rhythm of walking to the point, where the rest of your mind chatter starts to quiet. Anytime you actively focus your mind on a single activity, you enter some form of tranquillity.


When you're walking, your mind will still have a tendency to wander. When this happens, always try to bring your awareness back to the steady rhythm of your step.


Start by simply standing still in one spot. Let yourself feel the weight transferring to the soles of your feet, as you connect with the earth below. Shift your body from one foot to the other, and begin to notice how your body posture feels as you lift up your head and push your shoulders back as you breathe in. Now focus your gaze at a point slightly in front of you on the ground to help you avoid any visual distractions.


Start walking, and with each step and as you walk, keep your focus only on the sole of each foot as it hits the ground. As you walk, continually bring your awareness and focus back to the present.


If you find yourself thinking while you're walking, refocus and start again. After about 15 minutes, come to a natural stop.


Feel your soles once again on the earth, and switch your weight from one foot to another so that you just experience standing and being still. Breathe, and enjoy being in the present.