10 Minute Therapy . . . . Synchronicity Technique


When you begin to understand frequencies, your vision will change, and you will see plans within plans and meanings within meanings. Significant living will unfold to a greater extent.


Synchronicity describes a meaningful unfolding of events that are experienced without apparent order, a so-called divine intervention. When these experiences can be understood in terms of your connection to the ethers, how you create realities, and how your multidimensional selves and guides are all in accord, you will then be able to remap yourselves into a whole new vista of living.


Energy both follows your commands and controls you, depending on HOW you use it. As you allow more energy to enter your body, and as you use the number 8 --- or sign of infinity --- over your third eye, you will learn so much more and truly begin to relax and change with the unfolding times. Areas you formerly found boring will become fascinating because you now understand the information and will wonder how you could have missed it earlier.


All of you who have made the discovery are to inspire others to do the same.


Many science fiction writers are in actuality great seers and visionaries who are able to perceive probable futures and lines of time where events exist. If this seems preposterous, remember that every thought you think creates a reality somewhere; thoughts cluster together and exist with a frequency and aliveness, a velocity and vitality that you do not understand. Yet you will very soon, for understanding will continue to unfold in you, linking together symbols, signs, inner meanings, and codes that you will find at the core of all knowledge.


Mathematics, an abstract language, holds a KEY, and all modern-day science, whether traditional or quantum, is based on mathematical principles. Humankind will begin to expand its abstract thinking and the old abstract language of mathematics, upon which your science is based, will be seen as limited. Your modern-day scientists have turned the nature of existence into something extremely complex; once they understand the codes and simplicities in numbers, a new vista will open to them.


Before You Meditate . . . . P B R


When you begin to rebuild and fortify your field,use this TECHNIQUE:


Breathe a field of energy around yourself that is shaped like an egg or a sphere.


Fill the shape with the intent of what you want to experience and of who you are.


Learn to create using the vibration of love, for this is YOUR TRUE WORK.


When you build the frequency of who you are, what you want, and what you want to experience in your auric field, it links you then with meaningful 3D occupations.


You MUST first do the work in your auric field.


As you understand your capabilities and what is being asked of you, do not burden yourself by wondering how it will all transpire. Be open to the idea that you are living in the greatest time of change, and as you receive these energies, let them fortify you. In this fleeting moment of existence, the power that runs through humankind is remarkable, vast, impeccably rich, astounding, magnificent, magnanimous, and truly wholesome.


Once again, breathe deep, give thanks, look around your life and know that everything is on time, in order, part of a plan within a plan within a plan.


Wake up to it! Decide what you want for your part of the plan, and it will be integrated; then trust yourselves, be in the NOW.