The Self Project


Within the larger framework of reality, everything you create through your thoughts and emotions is part of an intimate dance toward your spiritual growth, and your interpretation and response to a situation determine the outcome you experience. Taking the time to unwind and relax in a peaceful setting and focusing on your breath can do wonders for expanding your perspective.

The simple act of asking why can also unlock your fixation and liberate your thinking, opening you to new vistas of possibility, as if you were taking a hot-air balloon ride over a glorious countryside and seeing the world in a new light.

You must learn the art of detachment: to silently observe and pay attention to what your mind is saying.

Allow yourself a few moments of illumination and look for the humor in the lesson being offered.

Your inner world and the intricate workings of your mind are rich with answers and solutions; you must take the time to look within and pay attention to what your senses say.

People often want to know what will happen in the years ahead and the answer is, It depends on what you believe.

A belief in an empowered existence, where all people are valued, will serve your world well. You must first accept that it is your responsibility to initiate the necessary changes required to achieve the desired results.

What feelings do you have about change? Do you consider change a hard and difficult process, a struggle that sets you up for failure and loneliness, or does the notion of change call to mind the glorious and effortless unfolding of the seasons?

P B R Before you begin this exercise

Three Week Exercise

As an exercise for exploring your beliefs about change, find thirteen photographs of yourself from various ages, ranging from early childhood to sometime near the present. Choose photos depicting only yourself in the scene, shots that are interesting rather than exclusively glamorous or unflattering. Then on the next new moon, full moon, eclipse, or whenever you feel like playing this game, set your intentions to open the timelines into various versions of yourself, and proceed to play with these thirteen pictures for three weeks—or longer, if you like.

Find a convenient location in your home, a place you pass by often but where your project will remain undisturbed, and proceed to lay out your photos.

Use your imagination and arrange them in various formations using geometric shapes, the zodiac, spirals—whatever comes to mind.

Look at the pictures as often as you like. Talk to them. What do they say to you? Pay attention to any beliefs about change that the pictures bring up.

Throughout the three weeks, rearrange the layout by changing the order and relationship of one photo to another. Be spontaneous and playful and allow the photos to teach you about yourself. Each photo holds a version of you, who in that moment had no idea of what the next moment held, yet each picture implies that change occurred again and again.

End Exercise

Your beliefs can become as flexible as you choose, like supple trees bending with the weight of winter snow patiently awaiting the warm security of spring’s soothing sun.

The current state of global uncertainty reflects the inner energy projected from the mass psyche. On one hand, the most exciting, life-liberating opportunities are coming to build sustainable probabilities: astounding new healing techniques through communication with other realms, an almost instantaneous changeover of energy resources, and amazing discoveries for providing clean water and air are just a few of the many discoveries hovering on the horizon.

Other probabilities hold the course open for those who are angry and afraid to be in charge of their lives—and this path is not much fun. As you expand your consciousness and find other pastures to graze in, other mountains and mesas to climb from which to view reality, the most difficult aspect of the expansion will be watching those who choose not to change.

You are here to witness, and a witness is one of the most difficult positions to occupy. A witness does not close his or her eyes; a witness sees and then reports about what transpires. It is tremendously challenging and often very difficult to experience the full range of emotional possibility— from the heights of exquisite joy to the depths of fear, hatred, and hopeless despair. As your heart opens, you will soar with those who fly and find it challenging to watch and feel with others who choose the depths of disempowerment.

Watching and feeling the courage of others, while they experience those momentous melodies of emotion, takes you to your greatness. It is a fine line that your world walks in these days of human transformation. When you choose the path of empowerment, there are times when you must deal with life on a very profound level.