10 Minute Therapy . . . . . . . . . . . . The Lines of Time


Before You Meditate . . . . P B R

You can empower yourself, and set the reality that you want into motion, by taking time to communicate with the subconscious and unconscious levels of your mind.


First, slow down and focus on your breath. Gently separate your jaw and relax your tongue, and allow deep, rhythmic breathing to relax your body and open your mind to an enhanced state of awareness.


Place your attention on your breath and follow it into your body, picturing your lungs filling with light. See your bloodstream absorbing this charged energy and distributing it throughout your body.


With each exhalation, feel your body relax and let go. As you continue to breathe, imagine yourself surrounded by twelve energies that assist in your well-being.


Experience a feeling of safety and comfort as you examine their presence. Look deep into the eyes of each energy, then shift your vision and read the surrounding energy field.


Imagine fibers and rays of light dancing from your body as you experience a familiar tug from your belly and heart. Your body vibrates with recognition as the twelve guides offer you a peek into another now. Allow yourself to see into the time and reality that each of the guides represents, experiencing all twelve in full vitality. Let your memories soar, and feel the lines of time, like roadmaps to realities, available to point the way.


Follow light fibers from your chakra centers as they move into the energy field of each guide.


Where do you find yourself?


Experience and observe.


Perhaps you hear the sweet sound of a gentle rain falling, or the howl of a cold wind along a desolate road. There may be jungle, rain forest, snow-covered peaks, deserts, rivers, oceans and plains.


Every corner of the Earth holds memories and mysterious clues about yourself.


Let the lines of time carry you deep into another now.


Experience Earth from twelve lines of time, and ask to be shown that which is most significant toward understanding yourself and your link to the stars. Feel the web of light that is the vital grid connecting existence, which is everywhere alive.


Now, imagine the web lines of time transporting intelligence, as life seeks out life. Imagine Earth, a blue-and-white jewel suspended in space, holding court in her own realm of time, a gem of a stop along these great light corridors. Look at Earth from space and feel a tug from times that beckon you to remember.


Are there past events you recall?


Wonder about this as your concepts of time, space, and Earth become scrambled on the web of light.


Now look through the lines of energy that intersect in space a bit beyond the moon. What do the signposts read? And to what stellar byways do your trusty guides point? Let your spirit absorb the vitality of the moment, honoring Earth and yourself for the unbounded opportunities to express and explore.


Pay special tribute to the web of light, that great FORCE of existence with which we all learn to play the game.