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entity - Non-HUMAN

The Urantia Book


Paper 1 - The Universal Father
1:5:16 (29.6) The Universal Father realizes in the fullness of the divine consciousness all the individual experience of the progressive struggles of the expanding minds and the ascending spirits of every entity, being, and personality of the whole evolutionary creation of time and space.

Paper 1 - The Universal Father
1:7:1 (31.1) Only personalities can commune with each other, albeit this personal communion may be greatly facilitated by the presence of just such an impersonal entity as the Thought Adjuster.

Paper 10 - The Paradise Trinity
10:4:3 (112.6) The illustration is crude, but a father, son, and grandson could form a corporate entity which would be nonpersonal but nonetheless subject to their personal wills.

Paper 11 - The Eternal Isle of Paradise
11:9:5 (127.3) Paradise is not ancestral to any being or living entity; it is not a creator.

Paper 17 - The Seven Supreme Spirit Groups
17:6:3 (203.6) We are not cognizant of this new prepersonal identification of entity, but we know that this fact finds place on the Paradise records of the career of such a Creator Son.

Paper 17 - The Seven Supreme Spirit Groups
17:6:5 (204.1) At the time the creatorship charge is administered to a Michael Son by the Eternal Son, the Master Spirit who directs the superuniverse to which this new Creator Son is destined gives expression to the “prayer of identification” in the presence of the Infinite Spirit; and for the first time, the entity of the subsequent Creative Spirit appears as differentiated from the person of the Infinite Spirit. And proceeding directly to the person of the petitioning Master Spirit, this entity is immediately lost to our recognition, becoming apparently a part of the person of this Master Spirit.

Paper 17 - The Seven Supreme Spirit Groups
17:6:4 (203.7) During the long period of the preliminary training of a Michael Son in the organization and administration of universes, his future consort undergoes further development of entity and becomes group conscious of destiny. We do not know, but we suspect that such a group-conscious entity becomes space cognizant and begins that preliminary training requisite to the acquirement of spirit skill in her future work of collaboration with the complemental Michael in universe creation and administration.

Paper 30 - Personalities of the Grand Universe
30:1:113 (334.7) We may however state that there are no personalities of “pure mind”; no entity has personality unless he is endowed with it by God who is spirit. Any mind entity that is not associated with either spiritual or physical energy is not a personality.

Paper 34 - The Local Universe Mother Spirit
34:5:6 (379.6) As individuals you do not personally possess a segregated portion or entity of the spirit of the Creator Father-Son or the Creative Mother Spirit; these ministries do not contact with, nor indwell, the thinking centers of the individual’s mind as do the Mystery Monitors.

Paper 44 - The Celestial Artisans
44:0:4 (497.4) Any morontia personality or spirit entity is eligible for admission to the corps of the celestial artisans; that is, any being below the rank of inherent divine sonship.

Paper 49 - The Inhabited Worlds
49:6:12 (570.1) A child acquires physical entity at mortal birth, but in the matter of survival all Adjusterless children are reckoned as still attached to their parents.

Paper 88 - Fetishes, Charms, and Magic
88:5:5 (971.7) The name was regarded as an entity, an influence distinct from the physical personality; it was esteemed equally with the soul and the shadow.

Paper 100 - Religion in Human Experience
100:5:6 (1099.4) If one is disposed to recognize a theoretical subconscious mind as a practical working hypothesis in the otherwise unified intellectual life, then, to be consistent, one should postulate a similar and corresponding realm of ascending intellectual activity as the superconscious level, the zone of immediate contact with the indwelling spirit entity, the Thought Adjuster.

Paper 101 - The Real Nature of Religion
101:3:3 (1108.2) This composite entity of spirit origin in association with human experience is enabled, by means of the living way provided by the divine Sons, to survive (in Adjuster custody) the dissolution of the material self of mind and matter when such a transient partnership of the material and the spiritual is divorced by the cessation of vital motion.

Paper 102 - The Foundations of Religious Faith
102:6:3 (1124.5) The religionist of philosophic attainment has faith in a personal God of personal salvation, something more than a reality, a value, a level of achievement, an exalted process, a transmutation, the ultimate of time-space, an idealization, the personalization of energy, the entity of gravity, a human projection, the idealization of self, nature’s upthrust, the inclination to goodness, the forward impulse of evolution, or a sublime hypothesis.

Paper 104 - Growth of the Trinity Concept
104:3:14 (1147.6) For when these three persons, as persons, conjoin for united function, they thereby constitute a triunity of functional unity, not a trinity—an organic entity—but nonetheless a triunity, a threefold functional aggregate unanimity.

Paper 104 - Growth of the Trinity Concept
104:3:16 (1147.8) A triunity is not an entity.

Paper 104 - Growth of the Trinity Concept
104:2:4 (1145.5) And this selfsame Paradise Trinity is a real entity—not a personality but nonetheless a true and absolute reality; not a personality but nonetheless compatible with coexistent personalities—the personalities of the Father, the Son, and the Spirit.

Paper 104 - Growth of the Trinity Concept
104:3:17 (1147.9) But the function of the triunity association is not the function of the trinity structure or entity.