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10 Minute Therapy . . . Doors2What



Phillipa Georgiou: We followed the damn directions. What are we doing here?
Michael Burnham: We're picking up a life sign . . . well it's not exactly a life sign.
PG: Where?
MB: Looks like . . . right here.
(Pull back to Carl and THE door)
Carl: Well, look at that. I was just reading about you.
Emperor Georgiou Dies Horribly Painful Death
Jeez, read all about it. Huh?
PG: What the hell is this?
Carl: This is obviously . . . THIS.
MB: Who are you? And what are you doing here?
Carl: I'm a (pause) I'm Carl. AND you're asking the wrong questions.
MB: Fine. What is THAT? (motions towards THE DOOR)
Carl: What do you call a cute portal? (pause) ADOORable! A clown held the door open for me . . . It was a nice jester! (pause) No sense of humor? Huh?
MB: Why is IT here?
Carl: So SHE (pointing to PG)can go through. Maybe you should have studied up on doors a little before you came down here.
PG: Where does it lead?
Carl: It doesn't lead. It follows. The cure to all your ills could be through here. Who knows?
(MB walks around door with tricorder readings)



MB: No radiation . . . No energy signature . . . Nothing out of the ordinary . . . Doesn't really register at all.
(PG starts to fall apart visually)


doors2what continued