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Bringers of the Dawn

Teachings from the Pleiadians


You all need one another. It is imperative that you work in harmony.

If you don't work in harmony, you will create Atlantis and all of the other destructions over and over again. Harmony is required. A time is coming when many of you will be put to work with Spirit to broadcast frequency and assist others in comprehending what is going on. The waves of awakening will continue, and Spirit will become a way of being on this planet.

That is the plan for this planet, and the creative cosmic rays from Prime Creator are hitting the fringes of your galactic system-moving here first. That is why the great gathering of energies has come here. These energies want to participate in the transformation here so that they will be prepared when it comes to their own area of galactic and universal existence.

There is a huge transformation taking place, but what you do with it, of course, is up to you. We have said that your world is going to split into two worlds and that those who move with light will be in the world of light. This split is already beginning to take place. Those entities who wish to work with the higher vibratory fields that represent light, and those who wish to work with the lower vibratory fields that represent fear, darkness, chaos, control, and confusion, are beginning to polarize and choose sides.

Those who work with the lower vibratory fields will say to you that you are witches or the devil because you represent something that they don't understand. You represent change, and you must remember that most people are frightened to death of change. One of the curious things about human consciousness is that it is enamored of stability. You bought the concept that stability is something desirable hook, line, and sinker. So you strive for it; you think that if you do not have stabilitv and security then who are you? You might not exist, you might be annihilated.

We are talking about many people you know; some may even be family members. You will need to develop a tremendous amount of patience and compassion for those who feel this energy and do not want to respond to it in a way that can benefit them. You are going to have to become very allowing perhaps even allowing others to destroy themselves so that they can learn the value of life.

Even though human beings are not consciously aware of it, you know in the deepest portion of your beings that you move from one existence to another and gather experience so that your soul can understand and process data to give you a view of one reality.

Someday you will be able to scan the lives and existences of your soul and hold the energy of that soul just like you would hold a crystal, look at the different facets and sparkles within it, and feel and know that identity. When you are able to do this with your soul, your soul will be able to connect with other forms of intelligence that it is a part of but does not presently comprehend.

We are stretching you. We want you to become completely confused so that you will be energized. Then you will utilize your curiosity to take you into areas that, not only have you never thought of, you never even knew existed. This is our intention-that you come to a higher ground where you can create a new order of identity courageously, with humor, and with confidence.

All things are frequencies. If you knew how rapidly you are evolving, you might want to sit in a chair and put your hand over your head and say, "I can't do it. There is too much going on for me." You keep the veil pulled down and pretend to go about life as if nothing is happening when you are continuously being upgraded with all kinds of changes to bring you closer to the higher dimensions. Think about and feel what you are going to achieve in one lifetime. Within the next ten to twenty years, you will move from being dense physical creatures into creatures of light in the Age of Light.

Can you conceive of this?

Everything that you are doing, including eating a pizza, is bringing you in a divinely perfect way to that place. At some point you will understand the importance of every event in which you are participating and the integrity of the whole.

In the movie The Karate Kid, the kid is very impatient while learning karate. He finds a master and doesn't even think he has found a master. He is given things to do that he thinks are a waste of time. He does not understand that each piece he learns makes up the greater whole. You are like this kid. All the pieces are coming together, but because of the vision of your ego, you do not understand at this time that they make the greater whole. You will be put to task, and you will find that all you are seeking will be yours. That is the good news.

Be aware and learn how to recognize when your will is usurping the divine will and the Divine Plan when you are forcing too much onto yourself because you are not operating out of common sense. Look at yourself in the mirror and see how you look. Look into your eyes because your eyes are an indicator for your whole physical body. Are they clear? Are you able to look back with clarity? Is your face lined, or exhausted, or calm? How does your body feel? Are you able to sit in a serene position? Are you able to hold your body erect, or do you feel the need to slump over? Do you fidget because you cannot hold the energy in your body-so your body is always dancing and twitching because it does not know what to do? Are your fingers always drumming, or are you gnawing at your flesh? There are many indications to watch for. You can look around and see who cannot integrate energy.

Once you bring this energy into your body and are able to hold it, your body will begin to feel a lightness. There will be a vitality in your skin, or perhaps your hair. Your hair is a very good indication of your health. Common sense, of course, is one of your best comrades to hang around with. Common sense will show you what is right and what is not.

At times you will recognize that the energy has become too much and that you are not calm and centered. This will occur for each and everyone of you at some point. In some way, you will feel as if too much is happening: there will be too much data to compute, too many people to talk to, or too much going on. When this happens, you must think of yourself as an appliance and unplug yourself. Just like you are a toaster, simply unplug yourself so that you can be out of use.

At those times, what you need to do more than anything else is rest. Some of you will need a tremendous amount of sleep at different points. Do not think you are getting lazy and beat up on yourself; simply acknowledge it. There will be times when some of you will wish to sleep eighteen hours. Do it. It is necessary. You have no idea of the lands you travel to and the work done on your physical body when you sleep. It is the time when you are unplugged from this reality and recharged and taught in other realities. The bridges, and your eyes, will open between realities, and you will begin to see and carry these memories.

When you go to a Chinese restaurant, you eat Chinese food; you don't order a hamburger. When you go to an Italian restaurant, you order lasagna. This restaurant called Earth has a physical body, so that is how you must operate here-within a physical body.

We speak in very simple terms so that you will get our point. It doesn't make any difference how ridiculous our metaphor is, we simply want you to get it. So you are here in the restaurant of Earth, occupying an Earth body because this is what is available here. There is nothing else served up here.

You are going to bring new recipes into the Earth restaurant-recipes that periodically have been tested and proven true, but only in pockets here and there. Remember, Earth was sealed off eons ago. Earth was created to be one thing and then completely got off track after millions of years of existence. Many of you incarnated here over and over again and got really frustrated, because every time you incarnated you had an intention of doing something, but half the time you forgot what it was.

Some of you were able to achieve mastery upon this planet and get yourselves off it through the ascension process. Others of you clamored that you wanted a time when this quarantine or seclusion from the rest of cosmic society would come to an end. Because of you and the multitudes that are upon this planet and surrounding this planet, the present time period was born.

Assistance comes to you in all avenues of life, yet others cannot do things for you because you designed life in such a way that the species must self-motivate and evolve in order to be empowered. Those of you who are tremendously knowledgeable decided to incarnate in the species to empower it by being an example for the rest who cannot do it for themselves. You make new pathways of being as you broadcast who you are.

When you gather in rooms for channelings, you ask for a tremendous number of reminders and a tremendous amount of encouragement along the way. Some of you are finding that you cannot make it without the encouragement. This is understood. It is why we are here, most of the time with tremendous patience, for you. We wish to give you the opportunity to claim who you are.

One of the most important ultimate realities upon this planet for you as a species to understand, and one of the greatest challenges you have been faced with, is what it means to die. We can convince you of many things, but it is difficult for us to convince you that you do not have to die. In this time, you do not have to physically leave your body behind here upon this planet. Can you conceive of the idea that you will simply change the vibrational rate of your physical being and take your body with you because you will rearrange the molecular structure?

Making the ascension leap and completing the journey here is possible for a multitude of the species upon this planet. Some of you have already ascended off this planet, and you have come back to do it again and to show the way. It was a grand journey to get out of here with the ascension process. It took lifetimes of training, one after another, to bring yourself to dedication. It involved not living in the material society and basically living very close to nature to do it.

Now those of you who have done this and are familiar with it have come back. It is your goal to ascend off this planet and to be taken, literally, up into the higher cosmology of mother ships. You will ascend into the cities of light and be able to dwell within the other realities that are all around you that you simply do not permit your third-dimensional eyes to see. You will have completed your task on Earth, and Earth will make its transition. It will be a beautiful jewel in the universe.

You may wish to stay for some years to help with the restructuring and rebuilding of this new Earth. But after a while, you will want to move on to new assignments to transform other worlds. Remember, you are renegades, and you like a very exciting time. So most likely you will leave this beautiful planet to others to enjoy, and you will go on to a new assignment.

Ascension is the goal on this planet. There will come a time when that will be the only way people who live on this planet will depart from it. Once you get off this planet, you will go to many other places. You will show yourself and the rest of the species that the body, this thing that seems so solid and uncontrollable, is actually a result of a divine orchestration, and that you, in your consciousness, can do anything you want with it.


Bringers of the Dawn

Teachings from the Pleiadians

Barbara Marciniak


In dream travel it is quite possible to journey to other civilizations. Those civilizations of your past or of your future, or even to worlds whose reality exists in other probable systems.


There is even a kind of crossbreeding, because you affect any system of reality with which you have experience. There are no closed realities, only apparent boundaries that seem to separate them. The more parochial your own worldview, the less you will recall of your dreams or your activities in those realities.