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10 Minute Therapy . . . Counterparts



It's as if a series of alignments had occurred, or as if the visible world were suddenly lined up with its invisible counterpart, and you realize that before you'd only seen half of reality, half of people's existence. Now the invisible portion fleshes out the exterior to its fullest and supports it. . .


As I stepped back into my workroom, I realized that while I was out, that other part of me had done some exploring at the library which, I suddenly knew was actually a learning center and fairly well populated. . .
It was a world of mind, or state of mind, where all of the others were in their own way at the same level as myself; a place where these invisible colleagues and I would work together. We would eventually be completely in focus with this inner environment, and hence with our exterior one. We would have one clear focus in which we could learn and do our work. And I knew that though we might be out of phase with other levels, here we were at home.



The library exists as surely as this room does. It also exists as unsurely as this room. It is one thing to be theoretically convinced that other worlds exist and to take a certain comfort and joy from the idea. It is quite another thing to find yourself in such an environment, and to feel the worlds coincide.



Several times I had vague glimpses of the library grounds, but without being able to interpret them clearly. For instance, here, time and space are more or less interdependent. There, the elements or time are laid out like space is here. There, time expands and the variations appear as probabilities: Instead of today turning into tomorrow, today's equivalent turns into the probabilities of itself --- and you can travel to any of these in the same way that we travel from city to city.