10 Minute Therapy . . . . . . . . . . . . The Answer Room


Before You Meditate . . . . P B R


You can empower yourself, and set the reality that you want into motion, by taking time to communicate with the subconscious and unconscious levels of your mind.


First, slow down and focus on your breath. Gently separate your jaw and relax your tongue, and allow deep, rhythmic breathing to relax your body and open your mind to an enhanced state of awareness. Continue to breathe deep and imagine your body fully energized with golden spirals of energy.


Now visualize a wave of energy, like a gentle spring shower, sweeping over the top of your head down to the bottom of your feet. Any tension that you have been carrying will be washed away, leaving you feeling fresh, clear, and free to proceed unencumbered into the depths of your being.


There is a place in your mind called the Answer Room and you MUST use your imagination to cross the bridge and find your way to the door.


It may be on a busy street in an old stone office building, down a quiet country lane, or secluded like an eagle's nest overlooking a cliff.


The Answer Room is your creation and can be anywhere you choose; feel a strong intent to go there, and then see yourself standing before the door. Take special note of the quality and color of the door, as well as the shape of the doorknob, and once they are clearly etched in your memory, open the door.


The Answer Room is well furnished with beautiful fabrics and comfortable seating; fascinating pieces of art, a globe, books, plants, flowers, and a tea set add a warm welcome, and large glass doors open onto a sumptuous garden.


Now enter the Answer Room and make yourself at home. You will find anything you want in this room. Once you are cozy and settle in, think about what you want to know. Look around the room, allowing your gaze to rest here and then there, steadily taking in all that you see. When you are ready, clearly state the question to which you are seeking an answer and ask that an answer be clearly presented within the next three days; then sit back, enjoy some tea, and bask in the serenity of YOUR room of inner knowledge.


You can visit the Answer Room anytime you choose to fine-tune your frequency and gain greater clarity about yourself and the world at large.


You must trust that once you set up this type of internal programming that the answers will come; either while you are in the room, or sometime during the three days that follow.


As you get better and better at using your imagination, you naturally expand your freedom to creatively play with the inner workings of your psyche, which will in turn enhance your well-being. Unlimited possibilities await your attention, and you can save yourself a lot of money and hard work by practicing the art of inner self-management and learning how to direct your attention within.


Eventually, you may just think of the Answer Room, pose a question, and instantaneously receive an answer. You can do whatever you want as you build your reality in your mind.